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Hierarchical content access as per the syllabus model with high quality streaming of learning contents makes learning easier for the students. Unlimited course and content support, at flat commercial terms. Content download support, within the apps helps to students to learn even if they are offline.

Baashaa offers a solution where complex concepts can be presented in flexible hierarchical structures fitting the concept/ topic. Super-fast syllabus addition and edit features makes it easy for updating the learning materials.

Exam Center

Baashaa Exam Center enables you to create multimedia based assignments and paperless exams. You can add questions of any type and count. Detailed report of exams and activities are made available at any later time.

The exam results and reports are made easy to download so that the users can access them any time they want. Real-time notifications of every exams and activities are provided to ensure that the users don’t miss any of those exams.

Report center

Baashaa solution enables a detailed and summary view of all key management aspects within a learning enterprise. Attendance report of students in every module and detailed report of exams and activities are some of the major highlights.

Other reports include class in-charge report, teacher report, content creator report, class report and individual student detailed report. To sum up, the organization can get a report of anything and everything happening in the solution.

Live Class

Baashaa facilitates bandwidth adaptive live video classes with a very large class size support (200 - 400). One to many and many to many modes are available which enables to provide multiple live classes at the same time. Engage in a two-way conversation in High Definition and the live conversation can only start if the host enables it. So, you can control who you should talk with at a particular time. The latest internet collaboration features are tuned for educational institutions to have the maximum benefits.

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