Baashaa Learning Lab

Specially tailored solutions for students, Using Baashaa's strong learning engine learning made easier. Learning should be fun and continuous, using multimedia Baashaa Learning Lab brings a new revolution not only in language learning but also in any learning.

Baashaa Language Lab

Easy to setup language labs will enables students even in rural parts of the world to express their wonderful ideas . Baashaa language lab suite is equipped with A classroom portal, a learning app for continuous learning, A teacher app for guiding students and a parent app for monitoring

Baashaa Any Learning

Baashaa's core learning engine is capable not only for language learning but also for any content learning. Schools institutions can create their own curriculum. With multi media and exam engine learning and evaluation is made easy.

Baashaa Kids

Stories and fun learning is the best way to train a child to be a good human being. Baashaa kids teach children from alphabets to words and sentences to stories.