Want to know more about Baashaa LMS?

By virtue of the deep rooted connects with the ecosystem and experts in the domain, we have achieved significant differentiation in each aspect of the solution.



The principal (school chief) / school chief designated administrative staff can create new class / division entities, add new staff – teachers, content experts, class in charges (like a common class coordinator / course coordinator) and add students.

Educators and Content Creators

Teachers with content expertise are marked as content creators by the class in-charge (course coordinator) staff. They get work assignments for certain modules/whole course by the class in charge.


Learners have flexible learning options – via native and branded (for school) Android, iOS or PC based web apps. For self-regulative (in terms of speed of learning), learner can set a mode, associated with a timeline to finish a content.


Parents have mobile based apps for viewing performance and course coverage for their kids..