Coaching Solutions

The Coaching Centers running in Baashaa platform are blessed to have the most optimal features and user experience, well complemented with insightful summary reports about the learning initiatives within. Content scheduling, selective access management (event at chapter level), question banks support, shuffled and penalty based examinations and many more of such features empower not just the enterprises, but also the trainers/teachers and above-all the learners in the system

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The best and easiest features for learning management
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The Best Coaching Solution

Coaching/training is important because it represents a good opportunity for students/employees to grow their knowledge base and improve their skills to become more effective in their domain. Despite the cost of coaching/training, the return on investment is immense if it is consistent.

We are committed to serve the premium quality products and services to each user. You can count on our service for original, error-free and the prime quality features. Online Exim, Prometrics, IELTS with Yesudas and Mercury are some of our happy customers.

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We introduce Baashaa LMS, the next-generation end-end complete learning management system with white labeled native content delivery mobile apps and web app based branded platform.